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Give Your Writing a Weekly Workout
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The Weekly Write is an online writing opportunity for both adult and teen writers. Through personalized activities, feedback and goals, you will watch your writing steadily improve – all from the comfort of wherever you are. This is an outstanding program for people who want to improve their writing or move forward with a project but who cannot get to our office.




How it Works

  • After an initial in-person or e-consultation, your writing coach designs a series of writing tasks that targets your individual goals.

  • At the beginning of each week, your coach e-mails a task with your personalized tips and reminders.

  • You complete the task before the end of the week.

  • You and your coach connect for a 20-minute feedback session. Then she sends a new task, one that builds upon the previous one.

  • Goals and progress are assessed at the end of each four-week period.




Don't let your busy life overshadow your creative needs.


Cost: $97/week, 4-week minimum



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