"Wendy has completely changed my experience with all aspects of writing. She pulled creativity out of me I had no idea existed.”

Dan Schwartz,

University of Michigan


 Wordcraft Writers & Thinkers is a creative studio in Pleasantville, NY and Online where writers of all ages arrive to explore, create, grow, and crush specific goals.


Our mission is to foster the spirit and skills needed to be life-long writers and creatives, confident in tackling (and enjoying) any written task or project. Drawing on our experiences in the worlds of education and the creative, performing and literary arts, we have a process-based approach that is personal, creative, compassionate, direct, and good-humored.

Whether you are:






Wordcraft has a place for you.

Wordcrafters arrive from New York's Metropolitan area, including New York City and Westchester County, as well as from states across the country, including California, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Mexico.


Make time to move forward with your words and  join us .




• an adult hungry to write that book, seek coaching or developmental editing on a writing project, or eager to improve writing skills,

• a teen struggling with specific skills or the writing process,

• a teen searching for opportunities to explore your interest in writing,

• a prospective college or grad student ready to tackle  your essays and receive expert guidance navigating the application process,

• a school or company official hoping to improve written communication skills or the writing curriculum,

• a creative looking for fellow, supportive creatives,

-Wendy Fried


Winter 2022

| What's Up

We had a fabulous summer with 10 writing workshops and a fantastically busy fall with 3 more workshops, plus college and grad school students from all of Westchester County, and from New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, Massachusetts and Texas. We love helping kids find their stories and voices, and knowing we've made the process a bit smoother for them and their parents.


Remember: Hold onto the  PRIDE  you felt when you hit submit. Acceptances and rejections do not change who you are and all that you've accomplished.



College Essay Coaching for the Class of 2023! Give us a shout to discuss how we can best support your child and you through the college essay & application process. Regardless of where you live, contact us for your complimentary parent or student consultation and get ready to show those schools who you are.

One-on-One Coaching & Tutoring for Teens and Adults.

Summer Writing Workshops will open in April.


Manuscript Coaching and Editing is full. But please contact us now to discuss your project, needs, and goals. We hope to take on new clients in April.

No matter your writing endeavor or goals, remember: You've Got This.


Wendy Fried, owner

"I learned to write by writing."

-Neil Gaiman