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College Essay Coaching

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Although daunting, the college application process should also be exciting and reflective, and it should result in pieces of significant writing that the student is proud of, pieces filled with the student's writing, voice, depth, and original story.

Wordcraft will take the mystery and stress out of the essay process by:


  • Helping the writer flesh out ideas for the essays

  • Helping the writer find their voice and story

  • Ensuring that all writing is original, nuanced, layered & authentic

  • Setting a clear timetable for the Common App Essay and needed supplements

  • Answering questions about the essays

  • Helping the writer identify and focus on their main ideas

  • Encouraging the writer to dig deep and develop worthy details

  • Giving the writer due dates to keep them moving forward

  • Sending email reminders and scheduling check-in points

  • Focusing the writer on the task

  • Offering honest and encouraging feedback

  • Making sure the student is proud of the essays they have written

  • Coaching parents through the process and setting realistic expectations




> Coaching Packages

> Individual Sessions

> Online Feedback & Editing

> Small Group Workshops

> Application Navigation and Organization

> Parent Coaching

Note: We will NOT write students' essays. Do not ask us to do so.


The Coaching Package


Package includes:

  • Initial one-hour meeting

  • Creation of timeline/due date reminders for Common Application main essay and school-specific supplements

  • 5 months of coaching (summer prior to senior year to Dec 1) with a maximum of 10 individual meetings (virtual or in person)

  • E-mail exchanges & check-ins

  • Up to 3 hours of online edits & feedback

  • Open access to our weekend Essay LABS

  • Parent communication

  • Main Essay and supplemental essays completed by Dec 1; ED/EA materials ready before Oct 31


Cost: $3950


* Success of this package is dependent on student effort & follow-through


The Package Plus


Package includes:

  • Everything in the Coaching Package

  • 5 months of coaching (summer prior to senior year to Dec 1) with a maximum of 15 individual meetings (virtual or in person)

  • Common Application review and feedback

  • Organizing and review of Common App Activity Section

  • Common App Optional Essay (we don't believe in optional!)

  • Interview preparation & practice

  • Ongoing conversation about application strategy (ED, EA, RD)

  • College List review

Cost: $5250

* Success of these packages is dependent on student effort & follow-through

Packages not for you? We've got you covered.


> Individual sessions: $350/hour with 2 deadlines and online feedback/editing exchanges for each

> Individual sessions: $225/hr, no online feedback/editing exchanges


> Online feedback/editing: $200/hour

> The College Essay Crush and LAB, small group intensives: pricing varies

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The college essay does not guarantee admission to any school.




Recent Wordcraft students have headed off to the following schools:


  • American

  • Barnard

  • Bates

  • Belmont University

  • Berklee School of Music

  • Boston College

  • Boston University

  • Brown

  • Bucknell

  • Carnegie Mellon

  • Colorado College

  • Columbia

  • Connecticut College

  • Cornell

  • Duke

  • Elon

  • Emory

  • Fairfield University

  • F.I.T.

  • GW

  • Hamilton

  • Harvard

  • Haverford

  • Indiana University

  • Ithaca

  • Lehigh

  • Middlebury

  • Northeastern

  • Northwestern

  • NYU

  • Oberlin




  • RIT

  • Rochester

  • Santa Clara University

  • Sarah Lawrence

  • Skidmore

  • Stanford

  • SUNY Binghamton

  • SUNY New Paltz

  • SUNY Plattsburg

  • Swarthmore

  • Syracuse

  • Tufts

  • Tulane

  • Union

  • University of California, Berkeley

  • University of Chicago

  • University of Delaware

  • University of Gettysburg

  • University of Maryland

  • University of Miami

  • University of Michigan

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • University of Richmond

  • USC

  • University of Vermont

  • University of Virgina

  • University of Wisconsin

  • Vanderbilt

  • Vassar

  • Villanova

  • Wake Forest

  • Washington University at St. Louis

  • Wesleyan

  • Williams

  • Yale

For 20 years, we've helped students present their most authentic selves to their dream schools. Join those from Westchester County & NYC, as well as those beaming in from

across the country and




"Wendy enabled me to trust myself and, with her support and encouragement, to write college essays which were entirely true to me. She would set a timer and give me a calm, quiet space, encouraging me to get all my thoughts out on paper without self judgment. She made me laugh and helped me feel empowered rather than pressured."

– Beatrice Tulchin

University of Southern California,

Class of 2023

Wendy was a great resource during my college application process. She made valuable suggestions to my essays while allowing me to maintain my voice. When I felt stuck, she helped me transform my ideas into full-length essays. She gave prompt feedback, and I am grateful for her help during this process!   


Cornell University,

Class of 2023


"Wendy Fried is an absolutely amazing teacher.

Her passion and dedication to helping others take their writing to the next level is clear, and her essay workshops provided me with helpful, valuable information, especially when I didn’t know where to start. She helped me immensely in getting to a point where I felt proud of my college essay. I’m so thankful for all of her help and guidance and I truly believe she was one of the reasons I got into my top school! 


-Charlotte Harter 

Vassar College, Class of 2023


"After considering the daunting task of helping my son with his college essay, I enlisted the assistance of Wendy Fried. Wendy immediately made my son feel at ease and helped him actually enjoy the process of developing a great essay. Coupled with her professionalism is Wendy's genuine care and concern for people. My son learned skills that will help him far beyond his college years!”


– Laurie

Pleasantville, NY

"Wendy taught me how to transform my scattered thoughts into a flowing personal narrative that spoke true to me. Between brainstorming, writing, and editing, she elevated my abilities as both a thinker and a writer while also helping me navigate this critical college application process. I am so thankful for her help in getting into my first choice school."


  – Eddie Tu

Pleasantville High School

Harvard University

Writing with humor is hard enough, but to do so while marketing yourself to your dream school? Near impossible. Because of Wendy, I was able to write an essay that portrayed my voice and values the way I hoped to.


After applying, I received two personal emails from college admissions staff praising my essay. One counselor even said she “laughed out loud” and that it was one of the “best essays I have ever read.” Wendy was my lifeline during the stress of college admissions.


– Mia Dillon

University of Vermont, class of 2022


"So much about writing a successful essay is confidence. Wendy taught me that."


Chad Frieder,

Harvard University, class of 2023


“Wendy Fried was the college essay writing consultant for both of my children. These two students have very different learning styles and goals yet Wendy "clicked" with both. One especially great aspect to Wendy (besides her manner and patience) is that she does not attempt to rewrite the student's essay in her words or words that she thinks a college will like. Her aim is to let the student's "voice" come through so the college really gets a feel for who the student is in the essay.  She is also great at editing, brainstorming, motivating, and words of encouragement! My daughter said she disliked writing and often procrastinates, but she looked forward to working with Wendy, set up her own appointments, and Wendy turned what could have been a painfully stressful college essay experience into a positive one!


— Amy, mother of two Horace Greeley graduates, Chappaqua, NY

“Wendy understood the goal of my essay and helped me frame the message I wanted to send. With her guidance, I was able to tell my story clearly and effectively.”


— Maggie Sullivan
Boston College

“Wendy was instrumental in helping me focus my college essay. From the jumble of ideas that was my first draft she helped me organize my thoughts and figure out what I wanted to say and how best to say it. She never just told me what to write, she helped me figure out how to say what I wanted to say. My essay came together really well and kept a strong consistent narrative voice throughout thanks to her.”


–Julia, Masters School


“Working with Wendy on my college essays made a dismal obligation into a wonderful experience. She was patient, constructive, and creative. Wendy always had confidence in my work but she also pushed me to be better. When I emailed her questions, she was always prompt with her replies. Without her help, I never would have gotten into my dream school.



Chappaqua, N.Y.

Columbia University


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