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on work with adolescents



I came to Wendy when I was having conflicts with an English teacher and my confidence in my writing was hurt. Wendy helped me find the tools I needed to navigate my head and put my ideas on paper. She taught me how to edit a paper line by line without making it seem like a chore (which is no small task). Wendy has helped me develop both the confidence and skill needed to pursue my writing. Not only did I gain a fantastic teacher, I gained a fantastic friend.



– Nina

Professional Children's School
New York City




Plain and simple, Wendy Fried inspires people of all ages. With her expertise in the English language and her skillful instruction, insightful observations, and her masterful writing, she imparts invaluable knowledge that has helped to improve markedly my sons’ and my ability to think and write. I marvel that my high school age sons look forward to and enjoy working sessions with Wendy. Most importantly, with her soothing voice, encouraging soul, and the graceful flow of her ideas, Wendy motivates the writer in each of us.



– Mara Weismann

student and mother of two Wordcraft students


I simply cannot praise Wendy Fried enough. She enabled me to trust myself and, with her support and encouragement, to write college essays which were entirely true to me. She would set a timer and give me a calm, quiet space, encouraging me to get all my thoughts out on paper without self judgment. She made me laugh and helped me feel empowered rather than pressured.


– Beatrice Tulchin

University of Southern California & Barnard College

Wendy Fried is a magician. She has helped me become a better writer, which has allowed me to jump-start my own consulting business and get into my dream college. I would highly recommend her for those of you in search of someone to help with college essays, or those of you in search of someone to help improve your writing.


Emmett Shea

Villanova University


As a parent, you want what is best for your child. For me, that educator is Wendy Fried. She provides the nurturing and warm environment that fosters critical thinking and creativity. She has fostered the love of writing in my daughter, who is now confident in her abilities and herself. Warmth, humor and compassion. Who wouldn’t want to come and learn at Wordcraft?



Pleasantville, New York

“Not only did Wendy remove all the home stress by managing the whole process, but her positive 1-1 coaching helped my kids grow, learn and discover their true voice. I am forever grateful.”


– Andrea Gilman

Chappaqua, New York

Wendy taught me how to transform my scattered thoughts into a flowing personal narrative that spoke true to me. Between brainstorming, writing, and editing, she elevated my abilities as both a thinker and a writer while also helping me navigate this critical college application process. I am so thankful for her help in getting into my first choice school.


  -Eddie Tu

Pleasantville, New York

Harvard University 


For over 3 years, my daughter participated in both Wordcraft workshops and private classes provided by Wendy. Every year, every week and every class my daughter looked forward to going, enjoyed being there, and came out excited to share with me what they did. Many times, it was a piece of crumpled paper with an incomplete story, but the thrill and sense of accomplishment was always there.


Not only does Wendy instill the zest for writing, but she somehow weaves in style, grammar, structure, and composition. Wendy gave my daughter a direction, passion, confidence, and most importantly, a voice.


I can’t imagine my daughter without these great tools or the confidence nurtured by Wendy.

–Erin Sheridan

Briarcliff, New York


When it came to college applications, putting my trust into Wendy Fried was the best decision I made. Throughout the years, I had participated in multiple creative writing workshops with her, and I knew she would provide the perfect support for me when writing my college essay and supplements. During the process, she taught me important writing skills that I continue to use as a college student. Wendy has shaped me into a better writer, and I appreciate her ability to push me in new directions along the way.


— Ava Portmore
Pleasantville, New York

Binghamton University

on work with adults


Wendy has an incredible eye and ear for the written word. When we meet to discuss my novel, she always has excellent insight into the broader issues of structure and character development, as well as suggestions for subtle changes, a word here or there. Wendy is a consummate professional, and yet she is easygoing — making the writer feel comfortable in what can sometimes be the rather uncomfortable position of having one's work read for the first time.



— New York




Wendy does a terrific job guiding you through the writing process. She has a gift for identifying and explaining your strengths and weaknesses.  She’s just the right combination of cheerleader and coach, and she keeps you moving forward. 



Jay Sullivan
— Featured Columnist
New York Law Journal
Author, R
aising Gentle Men

Author, Simply Said




Wendy Fried made my words walk when I was a playwright in New York, which led to one of my plays being produced by the Public Theatre and later selling as a TV pilot to Quincy Jones and Warner Brothers. She knows how to focus writers on the heart of their message, without sacrificing their little darlings (words) in the process, and she's a pleasure to work with.


Stephen Hunt

Author, The White Guy



I always enjoyed writing; however, it wasn't until I started to routinely meet with Wendy that I was able to take my passion for writing into an adequate skill. Her down-to-earth lessons, personable attitude, and technical motivation were great traits that made my Wordcraft experience one to remember.


New York City, New York






Wendy did a great job helping us with some articles that were to be published. Since I am not a professional writer, Wendy's help made us feel a lot more assured.



– Trevor Hall
Bartlett Tree Experts

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