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 Connected, Compassionate Teams 

Kick-ass Communication Skills

Team Building Session

Writing in the Workplace


building compassionate, connected teams with kick-ass storytelling & communication skills



Why Storytelling? Bring creativity, invigoration, self-reflection, r and community building to your team through small-group storytelling workshops. We'll tailor one of Wordcraft's writing workshops to meet the needs of your organization and then lead the group as it explores, creates, bonds, and heals through writing.  CHANGE THIS. TELL YOUR STORY


Click here to inquire about crafting a program specific to your organization.




 Writing &Communications Coaching

Whether in emails, interviews, meetings, conversations, classrooms, or presentations, our words are extensions of ourselves. Let our coaches help you use language clearly, effectively and meaningfully. We coach in small groups and in private sessions, at your location or at ours.

What do your words say about you?




The three-Hour Intensive

Your workplace needs. Our expertise. Whether it's skill development, team building, basic written communications, or storytelling, we'll customize our two-hour intensive to meet your team's goals.

Wendy: Add a PLUS option for each- where we return within a month for a follow up with the group and OR 20 min 1:1s with partipant members


Words: Sharpen, hone, nurture, compassion, creative, talent, connect, communicate, vulnerability, neuroplasticity, storytelling, connected, empathy, language

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1 90 minute session- 20 people

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