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FIVE basic writing tips to help smooth, tighten, and sharpen your writing.

After you read the Crushedit TIP, hover over the box and try to edit the sentence before the improved version pops up. Then apply the rules to your writing. (Really! Take out a piece of your writing and give it a shot.)


A few tweaks here and there can make a huge difference in the level of sophistication and clarity of your work.

You've got this.

Crushedit #1

Avoid verbs that end in -ing.

They force you to use helping verbs and make your writing wordy. 

Crushedit #2

Cut out the adverbs

Choose strong VERBS instead.

They ran quickly to the car.

They sprinted to the car.

Crushedit #3

Be Direct

People often think that filling writing with lots of words (often big words) makes writing more sophisticated.

It doesn't.

Crushedit #4

Get rid of empty language 

Common empty words: Actually, literally, even, just, very, of, because of the fact


Crushedit #5

Don't be redundant

"Ice cream is delicious. and scrumptious."


Yeah, ice cream is amazing! (Especially if it's vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.) But you only need to say it once.  Delicious and scrumptious are synonyms. Pick one.


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Creative Crush Writing Prompts and Flash Fiction Entries

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Watch Your WORDS

Same words. Very different sentences.


I am afraid I forgot to lock the door and turn off the lights.


I forgot I am afraid to the lock the door and turn off the lights.


I forgot to lock the door and, I am afraid, to turn off the lights.


I forgot to lock the door and turn off the lights. I am afraid.

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