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Bringing joy, balance, and empowerment to a meaningful and successful college process in your school community.

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Onsite College Essay & Admissions Consulting

The College LAB

A multi-faceted program to support your community's college process

Our goal is to bring joy, balance, empowerment, conversation, and meaning to your school's college process. As professionals, we know that as important as the college process is, the growing swirl of anxiety – some manufactured, some not– has made the process unnecessarily complicated, overwhelming, and anxiety-provoking. At a time when schools are working intently on SEL and student mental health issues, the college application process and its many stresses and myths threatens to fuel student and prearather than provide experienced, informed access to the college essay and application process to parents and students Because applying to college should be exciting, not anxiety-ridden for students, parents, counselors, and teachers.


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