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Bringing joy, balance, and empowerment to a meaningful and successful college process in your school community.

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On-site College Essay & Application Process Consulting

The College LAB

A multi-faceted program to support your community's college process

Bring joy, balance, empowerment, steadiness, and meaning to your school's successful college process. As professionals, we know that as important as the college process is, the growing swirl of anxiety – some manufactured, some not – has made the process unnecessarily complicated, overwhelming, and anxiety-provoking.
At a time when schools are focusing on SEL and student mental health, the college application process, its many stresses and myths, threatens students' well-being. Let us provide informed access to the college essay and application process to parents and students. Let us support you as you support them.
Applying to college should be joyful... for students, parents, and educators.
 Their unique stories. Their promising futures. Our expertise. 

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Wordcraft College Essay Lab

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What's the LAB?

The Lab is four-part program that occurs at your school.

It provides:

1. Introduction to the college essay for juniors.

> What the college essay is, the importance of voice, nuanced stories, and the time needed to write effective college essays that they can be proud of.


> Review of sample essays and Do's & Don't's

> Brief writing exercises that engage students in the personal, detailed writing required for the college essays.

2. Parent Workshop

on what to expect during the process and how to best help their children navigate it in a balanced, joyful, successfulway

 > Parents - Parents Conversation focuses on WORDS



3. Faculty Recommendation Workshop aims to...



4. Drop-in Clinics for Seniors


 Get quote from counselor, joe, a parent, .- box in middle

How it looks:

Spring Juniors Workshop (3 x 1-hour)
Parent Conversations, 90 minutes x 1 or 2 (3 hrs)
Fall Senior LAB- 15 hours (spread out of 1-5 weeks)
Faculty Recommendation Workshop

Total Max Hours in Program: 23



Who Benefits:

Everyone. Students... Parents... Teachers... Counselors...



Don't Want the Package?

Talk to us! We  will tailor our on-site coaching to tailor your school community's needs.

We Believe:

Although daunting, the college application process should be EXCITING and reflective, and it should result in pieces of significant writing that the student is proud of, pieces filled with the student's writing, voice, depth, and original story.

The college process should be...Calm, Joy, Creative, Originality, Pride, Purpose, Voice, Story, Unique, College, College Essays, Applications, Coaching (perspective?)


Please call or email to discuss The College Lab fee.

Total Fee: $9,950

(Or $450/hr)

Don’t what the package? Talk to us.



“Not only did Wendy remove all the home stress by managing the whole process, but her positive 1-1 coaching helped my kids grow, learn and discover their true voice. I am forever grateful.”

Andrea Gilman,

Chappaqua, NY

College Library

"Wendy taught me how to transform my scattered thoughts into a flowing personal narrative that spoke true to me. Between brainstorming, writing, and editing, she elevated my abilities as both a thinker and a writer while also helping me navigate this critical college application process. I am so thankful for her help in getting into my first choice school."


  – Eddie Tu

Pleasantville High School

Harvard University


"Wendy saved me from going crazy many times during my daughter's application process. She made me laugh and breathe and find all the positives that there are. It is a stressful time for all so it helps to have someone remind you to stay sane. I highly recommend this to everyone."

–Paula McLane

Pleasantville, NY


“Wendy was instrumental in helping me focus my college essay. From the jumble of ideas that was my first draft she helped me organize my thoughts and figure out what I wanted to say and how best to say it. She never just told me what to write, she helped me figure out how to say what I wanted to say. My essay came together really well and kept a strong consistent narrative voice throughout thanks to her.”


— Julia, Masters School

Oberlin College


"Playing with a sentiment from Oscar Wilde: College is too important to be taken so seriously."

-Wendy Fried, Wordcraft founder


"When I began to brainstorm [my college essay] in July, I was overwhelmed, terrified, and uninspired. After one meeting, I had a multitude of fantastic original ideas that not only displayed my college-worthy qualities, but did so with humility. I came to Wordcraft with a mosh of rough drafts and unfinished sentences and you were able to guide me to polish my misaligned sentiments into a beautiful essay."

-Mia Dillon,

Pleasantville, N.Y.


Business Meeting

"My 10-minute drop in-session at school was maybe the best 10 minutes of my life! I walked in feeling like I'd never get in anywhere, and I left totally excited to work on my essay!"


Pleasantville, New York

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